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About me

Hello beautiful people, I am very happy to tell you the reason for creating the course RebornYourself and introduce myself.

My name is Valeriya Vergunova. For the last 20 years I made a long journey as an actress, model, beauty queen, model coach and mindfulness coach with many international publications and bright media recognition.

Along the way, I coached models and beauty queens to create their names and become successful in the fashion industry. I also worked with different women and men to become more self confident, mindful and healthier.

I worked with their mindsets and postures, mental and spiritual states. Within those years, I recognized that the majority of my students were always interested in losing weight and being successful only based on their appearance, while the key to success and real strength starts in your mind, healthy relationships with food and spiritual growth.

During those years, I was working with the camera and a big audience, while people kept asking me how to stay strong and keep the energy on high level, since the camera and audience took a lot of my energy.

I worked with their mindsets and postures, mental and spiritual states. Within those years, I recognized that the majority of my students were always interested in losing weight and being successful only based on their appearance, while the key to success and real strength starts in your mind, healthy relationships with food and spiritual growth.

During those years, I was working with the camera and a big audience, while people kept asking me how to stay strong and keep the energy on high level, since the camera and audience took a lot of my energy.

I will be honest with you, you can not work with the camera, audience and millions of people without having strong energy and a healthy mindset of a winner.
Therefore, I decided to create the program RebornYourself, where people can be able to transform themselves in three aspects: physical, mental and spiritual.
Every time people want to divide body from mind, mind from soul while according to me, it is all - one system, and balance of the system makes the person powerful and a true creator of their own life.
In the course RebornYourself I share the knowledge I maintained for the last 20 years from physical, mental and spiritual levels. All of these things helped me to achieve my dreams and goals as well as to stay strong in my media performances.
In this day and age social media dictates that we copy each other, while I strongly disagree with that. I believe that every person is a unique diamond with many sides. My philosophy is the need to frame and shape your special parts without the necessity of copying from one another. You are the best version of yourself when you are letting your uniqueness shine and to be different, by working on empowering the strong sides, opening new hidden gems inside of you and curbing your self doubts.
You can clearly see it in my logo, where the diamond reflects the true unique nature of yourself and the symbol yin yang is expressing the both natural sides of your nature, while you stay the creator of your own life and personality, embracing the strong parts and pacifying the weak sides.
RebornYourself is the transformational program where I share the essence of knowledge, maintained within many years, studying and practicing with different teachers and professionals.

RebornYourself is the transformational program, where the first stage focuses on the body, second stage belongs to the mind transformation and third is focused on soul development.
Part of the program is connected also with the crystal sound healing sessions, since the true knowledge lies in the silence of mind. This silence is accessible with the balance of the mental and physical bodies, which crystal bowls help to achieve. They also help align your chakras.
I truly believe that the vision and techniques I share with you will help you to develop yourself, bring your life to the next level and create a new page of your reality, where you will totally be reborn on physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Love, Valeriya
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Reborn and activate your sensors (Crystal sound healing bath)

Everything is energy and frequency around us and inside of us. Our planet Earth, our bodies, our nature and of course our beautiful universe. Everything around us vibrates and creates a certain level of the frequency. It is very important which level of vibrations we have. When the vibrations are high, you feel inspired and happy, it helps you to create the life of your dreams and if the vibrations are low, you can feel depressed and disconnected with yourself, lose the passion for life and creativity, forget your true nature. Crystal singing bowls can restore vibratory frequencies of the body, mind and soul which are out of harmony. That's why one of the important parts of the RebornYourself course is given to crystal sound healing.

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The excited tone of a crystal singing bowl spreads powerful vibrations throughout the body, which consists of approximately 75% water. The sound spreads along the nervous system organs, tissues and cells, where vibrations are weakened by illness, stress, the crystal sounds bring these back into balance. This is called harmonic resonance. Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body’s balance which in turn helps you heal.

During the sessions with crystal singing bowls also known as a crystal sound therapy, your physical and mental bodies are being balanced. The frequency which bowls are singing out is very high - 432 hz - the frequency of the planet Earth and the cosmos. The crystal quartz, the crystal out of which each bowl was carved out, is the crystal which connects you with the higher self, God, Universe. They say that in the time of Atlantis (the disappeared old continent) crystal bowls were used as an everyday routine tool.

Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432 Hz creates a sense of peace and well being as it is the harmonic intonation of nature. Our Universe has a frequency of 432 Hz as well as planet Earth, these two places where we are coming from and living on. If we are disconnected and have misbalance, such as fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, hypertonus, sleeping disorder, nervous break, depression etc means that in one of the chakras we have a blockage and it lowers down our frequency and causes the disharmony.

Listening to the crystal singing bowls helps to calm the body and mind which in turn makes us more flexible, creative, peaceful and spontaneous; It also helps in the release of negative energy and can easily put us in a wonderful state of calmness where relaxation is natural. It is the scale that unites the body and consciousness with nature and the universe.

Each bowl is formed from 99.992% high grade pure quartz. The quartz crystal bowls amplify, store, focus, transfer and, most importantly, transmute energy. The human body is crystalline in structure, and the quartz crystal may have a deeply healing effect on our organs, muscles, tissues, and cells. Every tone and vibration emanating from the bowls provides a benefit through frequency and sound. Every musical note corresponds to an energy center in our body (chakras), aligning and balancing our human system.

Quantum physics teaches that atoms are made of vortices of energy, each radiating its own energetic signature. From the level of an atom to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, everything in creation has a frequency. Every thought and feeling, every organ, every part of our body has a vibration, even every illness. When the vibration is in harmony with the rest of the body, we experience health. When it lacks harmony, we experience dis-ease. That's why listening to crystal singing bowls also boosts your immune system.

Also, crystal singing bowls have the ability to slow your brain wave patterns, creating more delta waves. These are the dominant waves present during your sleep. In this way, singing bowls can help bring deep sleep by releasing your stress and worries.

When the crystal singing bowls are played, it gives people different sensations. Some feel it as a wave of sound circling around them, others feel it as a vibration sometimes directly on a body part, many people see colours around them, feel warm waves of vibrations on and around their bodies, some have out of body experience, some fell in a deep sleep, some connect with the spiritual teachers and get the spiritual guidance, some even travel into the past lives. Each experience is unique and unforgettable.

Sound worldwide has been used for meditation, healing, relaxation, balancing and personal well-being since ancient times. Even if you never meditated, you can experience the total relaxation and stillness of mind, since the high frequency and strong vibrations of crystal singing bowls will give you a completely new experience.

Important part of the sound bath session is the inner silence. These days, in a modern society, silence and time with yourself has become a luxury gift. People always run and have no personal time, the necessary time, time where you can listen to your inner intentions and inner voice, understand yourself and get a time to reflect on certain aspects in your life.

During the sound bath session you have personal time to experience a stillness of mind and inner silence, where you will have the opportunity to see the answers to questions and receive your own insights.

Crystal sound healing sessions:

- reduce the pain, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, anger
- connect with the universe and get spiritual guidance
- balance mental, emotional and physical bodies
- improves mental and emotional clarity
- bring peace, tranquillity, inspiration and happiness, give relief, relaxation, joy, lightness.
- activate blood circulation
- stimulates the immune system
- balance the right and left brain hemispheres
- cleanse and balance chakras
- help to change the negative patterns to positive statements
- bring awareness, support positive transformation

Intention of the musician is very important during the sessions.
Crystals, so also crystal singing bowls, are knowledge carriers and they are sensitive to negative and positive vibration. It is very important who is playing them and which intention the crystal sound healer carries. Before and while playing the bowls I always focus on unconditional love, acceptance, harmony, compassion, healing in connection with the client or a group of people attending a meditative session. The crystals take this intention in the sound waves that touch the body, mind and souls of the attendants.
Why did I choose to start to play Crystal Singing bowls?
I received the knowledge of the strength of crystals from my mom, who is a crystal healer. My mother was working as a doctor for all her life until 10 years ago she started to study the connection between the psycho/mental state of the patients and their diseases they carried. There her study about crystals and their ability to help people started. She switched to alternative and holistic medicine and crystals became her main focus during the healing sessions for people. I share her passion for crystals as well as I see the difference in a musical frequency and healing aspect of 432 hz. Therefore I prefer the perfect combination of the healing frequency 432 Hz and the power of White Quartz (Berg Crystal), which is considered as a crystal which connects the human with the Higher self (higher consciousness or Universe).
Why is the crystal sound healing session good for you?
Every cell in the human body has a geometric crystalline structure. This helps your body resonate with the frequencies of quartz crystals. Because quartz crystal bowls have the ability to align with your chakras, they are widely used and effective to heal, balance and reconnect. They can also produce the purest sounds, which can be ideal for meditation and healing sessions. Clear quartz singing bowls contain seven rainbow colors which stimulate seven energy centers or chakras of your body. This helps heal the listener by transferring pure light into the human aura. Some people believe that this process expands your awareness and brings a positive shift in your consciousness, helping align yourself with your true, original self. It is also believed that quartz crystals have the ability to balance your electromagnetic field during singing bowls meditation.
Difference between the crystal singing bowls and metal tibetian bowls?
Some energy healers claim that crystal singing bowls are most effective relative to other metal bowls on the theory that metal is foreign to the human body. Further, it is believed that crystal singing bowls are aligned to match the frequency found in the human body and that this makes them the most dynamic and modern type of tool used for sound bowl therapy as well as sound bath massage. It is also for this reason that many believe that crystal singing bowls are the best singing bowls.
Tibetians singing bowls have lower frequency and tones, which can be used for massage and physiotherapy, while crystal sound healing bowls are balancing not only the body, they also work with your mind, soul, brain, subconsciousness and consciousness.
How does the crystal sound bath session happen?
The pure, high frequency sounds resonate and entrain with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies, bringing the possibility of clearing, cleansing and balancing at the cellular level. Every class begins with a personal intention, followed by tuning with the Tingsha bells. The participants lay down or sit on yoga mats and are 'bathed' in a crystalline harmonical sound concert. Using telephones is not allowed during the session since it is pure time for yourself and to achieve the peace in your mind it is necessary to switch off from any outself distraction factors. The session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the wishes of the group and after there is time to stay in silence and "come back to yourself" (10-15 minutes).
You can bring your own yoga mat to the event, cover yourself with your own blanket and bring a pillow if you wish.
The goals are to reduce stress and pain, bring deep relaxation, develop self awareness, promote creativity, improve learning process, heal, balance and clarify personal values.
I use the crystal singing bowls in meditation sessions, concerts, workshops, combined with halotheraphy and individual guidance sessions.
Where sessions take place?
The sessions are happening in Amsterdam.
It is also possible to have a personal session at your location. Group contains approximately 10-12 people. You can see some of the examples in the photos.
For people who are not able to attend the sessions at the studios in Amsterdam, I offer the remote sessions through zoom meetings. The personal offline and online sessions are up upon request.
Difference between group and personal session?
Group contains from 6 to 15 people where you create your own intention and experience the crystal sound healing session together with others, while the personal session focuses only on you and on your personal development and transformation.
With private sessions we are focused on your internal request and your own life transformation, if you wish you can share your intention with the sound healer and all energy will be focused only on your wish.
It is possible to combine the private session with the sound bath massage.
Upon request it is also possible to combine the sound healing session with the Atlantis energy healing.
Are there any other sessions possible with the combination of sound healing session?
The sound healing session is often combined with the other classes such as breathing class, guided meditation class, aesthetic dance class, cacao ceremony, yoga class. We also arrange the concerts with piano player and the tibetan bowls sound healer. The announcements are on the Instagram page reborn.yourself and whatsapp/telegram groups.
If I am totally balanced and no need for healing? Should I attend?
Clear quartz helps balance energy, enhance focus, and bring clarity. This is a simplifier crystal, which means that it will amplify any energy or intention it is around and connects with. It means that if you are a completely balanced person without any need of healing during the sound bath session, you still can manifest and visualise your wish and aspect of life, which needs to be adjusted. The power of each of 8 crystal singing bowls will give your wish the strong energy of realisation and transformation into the real experience in your life.
How to get an answer during the sesion?
People, who come with the clear intention for the session and keep it during the session, get the answer during the meditation session and receive signs, insights and life lessons during and after the session.

I would be glad to guide you through the sound healing ceremony and share the energy of transformation, wisdom, unconditional love, acceptance and harmony. Looking forward to sharing with you the cosmic experience which will not only call the goose bombs along your body, but also will remind you, who you really are.
Love, Valeriya


Group session
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Setting: 6-12 people
  • Compensation: 30 euros
  • Locations: Amsterdam
  • Session contains: Sound bath
30 €
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Private session
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Setting: 1:1 (private)
  • Compensation: 180 euros
  • Locations: Amsterdam
  • Session contains: Deep sound bath, sound massage (placing the singing bowls on the body for the deeper frequency experience and deeper chakra cleaning)
180 €
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Sound bath massage
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Setting: 1:1 (private)
  • Compensation: 50 euros
  • Locations: Amsterdam
  • Session contains: Deep sound massage (placing the singing bowls on the body for the deeper frequency experience and deeper chakra cleaning)
50 €
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Online session
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Setting: Online (Zoom)
  • Compensation: 20 euros
  • Locations: your home
  • Session contains: Sound bath
20 €
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Reviews & Recommendations

I am happy to receive your recommendations and hear your experience of the sessions.
Mirjam Lieffering
Magnetic and special Those are the two words that come immediately into my mind when I think about the healing session with Valeriya. I had the privilege to be close to the bowls and it was like an out of body experience. It was heavenly. Afterwards Valeriya made time to give private healing sessions and I could feel the energy of the bowls but also the healing power of Valeriya.
I felt reborn.
Thank you so much for this experience Valeriya, you are gifted.
Much love, Mirjam
Good evening ,Valeria! I would like to tell you a big thank you for the journey with you and bowls , it was amazing and one of the most powerful sessions for me and my husband. First of all private session with my husband before group was amazing ,bowls pushed his energy for new level! All sessions were amazing in combination with cacao, my trip was very bright, very real and this experience I will never forget!
hallo Valeriya Was zo blij om jullie te ontmoeten kon Kimberly al maar de energie en liefde die jullie uitstralen zo mooi 🙏
Mijn ervaring van de ceremonie van Valeriya en Kimberley was zo bijzonder bij binnenkomst de energie en liefde die je meteen voelt en je daarom direct op je gemak stelt En ging zonder verwachting maar voor mij was het prachtig kreeg mooie dingen door en voelde zoveel blijdschap en liefde in me en de ervaring was zo mooi en bleef dat gevoel ook houden na de ceremonie denk dat als iedereen dit zou doen en toelaten zou de wereld er een stuk mooier uitzien en wil jullie twee ook heel erg bedanken voor deze mooie ervaring 🙏❤️🙏 peter
I want to share my impressions after the session of the cocoa ceremony, combined with singing bowls. The uniqueness of this combination lies in the perfect complementarity: cocoa is a very powerful relaxing tool for returning to oneself, which at a very deep level reveals a sense of calmness, balance and exploration, stops thoughts, and very freely prepares for the perception of the experience that is born during the singing bowl sessions. This is a unique combination: as soon as the body and mind are relaxed with cocoa, the ideal state comes in order to perceive the energy and live through the music of the bowls, perceive the very insights that come from the higher self. So cocoa clears the space for the search for new insights and ideas.
I was curious what might happen since this was my first time hearing bowls. The group was warm and intimate. Valeriya guided us with her music and I discovered different relaxing yet vibrant sensations. She is clearly talented and I am grateful I experienced it. Was so awesome, was biking home with the full moon in the sky and colors bright everywhere, feeling energised and open.... 'creative activation' really resonated with me...love it!
I left feeling creative and energised. Recommended.
Anastasia Petrova
After the singing bowls session, I'd want to express my feelings. During a session, it's astonishing how quickly time passes! It only seemed like ten minutes had passed, but it had actually been 45! The alpha state is the transition between sleep and consciousness, when you have no idea if you have arms or legs or even if you're alive. And who exactly is this (you?)?) The sensation is similar to deep meditation, with you enveloping yourself in the bowls' deep sound. It's impossible to say; you must experience it for yourself! That frame of mind in which You can receive priceless insights and answers, which You might have been seeking for a long time.
Валерия, доброе утро. Благодарю за вчерашнюю сессию🙏у меня были невероятно сильные, тёплые и такие необычные вибрации по всему телу. Как-будто все тело находилось в блаженстве❤️
Но по дороге домой все же накрыло слезами, много шла пешком, сама того не понимая, просто шла. И слёзы и просто нахлынуло сильно. Все-таки сколько ещё внутри есть, того что болит. Но сегодня ощущаю легкость и прилив энергии. Эмоциональный уровень стабилизировался🙏🌺
✨💖✨ Thanks dear beautiful Valeriya for holding such a beautiful sound healing journey combined with Kimberley's cacao ceremony, it truly took me into other dimensions as well. I was deeply connected with my body & breath at all times. Being in that healing space was very nurturing.
I highly enjoyed it.
Очень интересный опыт и ощущения от сессии, время ощущается намного быстрее, сначала было сложно остановить свои мысли, но в какой-то момент улетаешь и начинаешь видеть и осознавать что-то новое, то чего обычно не замечаешь в повседневной жизни. Лично я была с запросом под сессию, это был вопрос на который я постоянно пыталась найти свой ответ, и во время сессии я четко и ясно осознала именно тот ответ, прям прочувствовала телом. Так же эти звуки отлично расслабляют тело, чувствуется намного больше легкости и отдыха после, будто бы проснулся после долгого глубокого сна.
Dear Valeriya, yesterday my body was updated.
Your sound healing wakes up all my energy and my kundalini.
I feel that my body integral and my soul found place in my body and everything change after session with you…it’s amazing real feelings and thank s a lot 🙏
You help people and you are such a beautiful and nice person!
Хочу поделиться своими ощущениями после сессии с поющими чашами. Это удивительно, как быстро для меня летит время во время сессии! Показалось, будто прошло всего 10 минут, а на самом деле - 45!
Состояние между сном и бодрствованием, альфа состояние, когда ты не помнишь есть ли у тебя руки или ноги, и вообще есть ли ты на материи. И кто это - ты?) Ощущение похоже на глубокую медитацию, в которой ты растворяешься в глубоком звуке чаш. Это невозможно рассказать, это надо пробовать! То состояние когда приходят бесценные инсайты и ответы, которые всегда искал.
Обалденные ощущения себя в теле, новое чувствование,целостность,единство (до этого я очень с собой была строга и не на одной волне),во время интима с мужем ой как все иначе!!!!!
Valeria, thank you so much for this unique and beautiful experience! My body felt so relaxed after the session and I got so many insights during the singing bowls session, felt the vibration high and very positive.
My mom loved it as well and we are planning to attend the next session as soon as there is one.
hello Valeriya
Thank you for the beautiful experience and the energy and love you give 🙏❤️
Was so happy to meet you and feel the energy and love you radiate so beautifully.
My experience of Valeriya and Kimberley's ceremony with cacao and singing bowls was so special! I felt energy and love immediately and therefore immediately put you at ease. I arrived without expectations but for me it was beautiful! I saw beautiful things and felt so much joy and love in me and the experience was so beautiful and kept that feeling also after the ceremony. I wish that everyone would do this and then the world would look a lot nicer! I want to say a big thank you to you two for this beautiful experience 🙏❤️🙏 Peter
Хочу поделиться своими ощущениями от сессии какао церемонии, совмещенной с поющими чашами. Уникальность этого сочетания - в идеальной комплиментарности, в том, что какао - это очень мощный расслабляющий возвращаюсь к себе инструмент, который она очень глубоком уровне раскрывает чувство спокойствия, баланса и заземления, останавливает мысли, очень эффективно подготавливает к восприятию опыта, который рождается в процессе сессии с поющими чашами.
Это уникальное сочетание: как только тело и ум расслабленны при помощи какао - наступает идеальное состояние для того, чтобы воспринимать энергию которая и проживать музыку чаш. Воспринимать те самые инсайты, которые приходит от высшего я.
Какао подготавливает идеальную почву для восприятия, заглушает ум и мысли, расчищают пространство для восприятия новых инсайтов и идей.
Linda Vuijk
Dear Valeriya,
Hereby my review:
A couple of times I experienced the sound bath of Valeriya. Each time they were lovely and special. The unique way Valeriya intuitive plays with the crystal bowls works on me very relaxing, inspirational and a moment of happiness. It’s sounds like heaven on earth.
The experience of a sound massage is even more special. It’s difficult to explain but it really felt as a massage when the vibration of the crystal bowls works directly on your body. This is really an awesome experience I never had before.
The location Tea club in Amsterdam is very nice because this is a beautiful, open surrounding and where at the meantime you can acquainted with the world of tea. Here the sound of the crystal bowls are intense.
This sound baths are very good for my health and being, that’s why for me it worked out addictive. I recommend it to everyone!

Hartelijke groet/ Kind regards,
Linda Vuijk
Valeria Dol
What a magical experience I have gone through during the session. It’s not only cleansing your body but also you might be feeling how deep inside the energy of your cells vibrates on a higher level. I sincerely recommend Valeria’s session to everyone but especially to people who can’t find peace within. It will help.
If you want to experience an even deeper level of your being then go for a private session. Valeria was able to do chakra reading with me and my husband, by identifying on which chakras we need to work more. It was awesome, and just in point.
Jennifer Niejadlik
My experience with Valeriya and Crystal Singing Bowls was unique. So far I’ve attended my first two sessions at Moychay Tea Culture Club Amsterdam and one session at Saltium Halotherapie Amstelveen. During my first session I felt a pull of white energy gather together and leave my body in a small tornado. I believe this was negative energy leaving me and my chakras becoming unblocked. My second session was about a month and a half later. I felt the same white energy rippling over my body in small peaceful waves. During my session at the Saltium I concentrated more on my breathing and manifesting new opportunities for my life. During this session my right arm became numb. And during all three sessions my body temperature dropped and I felt very cold. The sound vibrations from the crystal bowls left me feeling balanced and lighter after each session. Each experience was different and unique in its own way. Valeriya explains the meaning of each bowl and how they represent the different chakras in your body. Her voice is calm and I found it easy to let go of mental and physical tensions from everyday life. I recommend taking at least one if not several Crystal Singing Bowls sessions with Valeriya. You will find it transformational.
XXX Jennifer
Patricia Rozendaal Holster
Ik kan deze Crystal sound healing aan iedereen aanraden, een van de meest mooie ervaringen in mijn leven ! Super fijn onthaal bij de Tea company en door Valeriya. Met allemaal lieve en zorgzame mensen, je voelt je gelijk op je gemak hier. Je krijgt goede uitleg van te voren met wat het voor je kan doen en betekenen en wat je kan verwachten. Dan gaat Valeriya beginnen met de bowls, wat een intens geluid, belangrijk om dit over je heen te laten komen, je krijgt hier ook goede tips van Valeriya voor.
Er zijn zoveel mooie gebeurtenissen, kleuren voorbij gekomen, voor iedereen is deze reis natuurlijk anders, maar voor mij heeft het veel betekent, mijn mama kwam nog langs (helaas al 11 jaar niet meer bij mij) en ook heb ik nare dingen kunnen loslaten die nog bij me waren en nu niet meer bij me hoorden.
Wat een onwijs mooie ervaring, heeft me weer dichter bij mezelf gebracht, ik zou zeggen, boek die toffe healing. Ik weet wel dat ik het zeker nogmaals ga doen !
Dear Valeria, thank you so much for this incredible experience 🙏🏻💓. The first time I did it I felt connection with the universe and it was such a bless-full feeling and I got answer to my question. The second time it felt for me like a deeper relaxation as I needed and that period of time. What I find very unique is that every session does exactly what I need at that moment. And healing massage felt even more deeper which I truly recommend to everyone. For me personally it opened my chakra energy and after that I felt very light and had a lot of energy even the next days. Thank you so much for this magical experience 🙏🏻💓🌺
Edite Vis
Valeria and the magic healing bowl 🤩🌟🙌sounds.. it will surprise you, take you whole over. 😇 Certainly the best alignment treatment for myself. You will get in the highest spheres, experience different sound and existence realities. It’s not a way, it’s a journey...
Julia Borovskikh
Чаши, поющие под руками Валерии стали для меня новым и волшебным опытом! Они дают человеку то, что ему нужно в данный момент. Когда эмоциональное состояние просело, они вернули меня русло. Когда все прекрасно - гармонизируют еще больше!
Для меня чаши как долгожданное путешествие в пространство, позволяющее раскрыть новые грани своего существования, пробудить подсознание, встретиться с новыми осознаниями или же просто расслабиться и разгрузить голову от повседневной суеты.
Валерия, благодарю за то, что открываешь для нас это невероятное и целительное звучание чаш!
Natalia Bogdanova
This was my first full session and my first 1 by 1 sound bath. And this is incredible! In the group session, the body dissolved and ceased to exist, I became a part of sound and color (and light). The brain refused to accept this and clung to external sounds in order not to let go of the mind.
But in an individual bath of sounds, a state close to orgasm happened. The energy of universal love covered me. Connection with the source, with oneself. Bliss. Thankfulness. Happiness. I didn't feel like talking and moving afterwards.
It is very difficult to express in words the depth of experienced feelings. Many thanks to you for being a guid in this process and showing how deep this can be. It seems that nothing can surprise you, but you managed to give a touch of pure energy. Amazing experience!
Valeriaya thank you for amazing experience and moment of total relaxation and inner peace.
Natalia Bogomaz
Хочу написать отзыв о Хрустальных поющих чашах Валерии . Их звучание снимает напряжение, погружает в целительное состояние глубокой Релаксации - это то что мне нужно после тяжёлой каждодневной работы . Я чувствую исцеления души и тела . Мне лучше конечно на вечер их слушать для крепкого сна тогда мой мозг путешествует в иной мир погружаясь в расслабление ..после такой медитации я имею крепкий сон . На утро я расслаблена и полна сил . Просто чудо ! Я очень благодарна тебе Королева Хрустальных чаш 🙏🏻💓
Valeriya, thank you a lot for charming and healing sounds of christal bowls. It is such a deep and refreshing experience that gives a sense of magic and inner peace. Hope to hear again that music of balance soon!
Valeria lets you discover a whole new world of higher consciousness, the soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls made me float up and I was able to observe my thoughts and feelings as an outsider, that helped me to see things from a different perspective,
Thank you Valeria ! "
Svetlana Lis
Лера, я, конечно, сама испортила себе церемонию с чашами, потому что напилась кофеина перед ними и не смогла расслабится. Очень жалею об этом.
Даже не смотря на это, пока я лежала, почувствовала, как начинает открываться область сердца, как будто расширятся.
После этого, пришло осознание, что я эгоистично веду себя с мужем. Что была не права в последнем разговоре. Мне нужно корректировать свое поведение.
Есть сильное желание работать с эго.
Спасибо тебе огромное. Я надеюсь, попаду на твои чаши снова уже в расслабленном состоянии 🙏
Valeria, it was something unreal when I had the healing session with the Tibetan bowls! It seemed that I can feel the sound with my body—It came in one ear, passed through my head and got out from the other ear. I could finally relax after my tough routine with 2 children. Meditation has brought me to a fantastic world in my head I’ve never faced to😍I was not sleeping but I’ve sawn such a spectacular pictures and scenes during the meditation, it was so special to trust my mind and let my brain do what it wants! I cannot even describe it—it was something like the lucid dream.
And also one interesting fact: in the beginning of the healing session I identified pain in my belly, but by the end it has disappeared. Maybe it was the sign of my body to pay attention to this particular place.
So I want to thank you for this beautiful experience, dear Valeria! And of course I come to you one (more that one) more time❤️
Валерия. Благодарю сердечно за сегодняшний космос
Anastasy Petrova
Лера, спасибо огромное за сегодняшний вечер. Это было удивительно, потому что я всем телом ощутила движение вибраций. Время пролетело невероятно быстро! Когда закрываешь глаза и сосредотачиваешься на звуке, на текущем моменте - проваливаешься в состояние, прохожее на транс- очень приятное, медитативное, глубокое. Отдельное спасибо за массаж чашами, для меня это был первый опыт. Ну и конечно, на тебя так приятно смотреть и тебя слушать!🌷спасибо
Daria Eibert
Hi Valeriya, thank you for yesterday session! It was my first time ever to experience crystal bowls massage. In the beginning I found it hard to focus because I was constantly distracted by the noise and movements by another person. Next time will be laying closer to you :) The individual session felt great though, its amazing how different each bowl would interact with me. I would love to do it more to "listen" to my body more carefully. ❤️✨
Naira Agvanean
What a wonderful experience to dive deeper into yourself with Valeria. The sound therapy energized me and connected me to my subconscious. I highly recommend it if you want to get in a zen state.
Elena Loginova
Привет, Валера! Спасибо большое за вчерашний вечер. Новый, ценный опыт. Чувствую себя наполненной и очень нравится мне это состояние. Спасибо ❤️ отличных вам каникул и до встречи! Обнимаю крепко. Лена Логинова
Ina Orlova
My experience with the bowls was a great experience. They took me for a few seconds to my childhood I was hugging my mother.
Usually it’s very difficult for me to be in the moment, my thoughts are so overwhelming that meditation doesn’t work for me.
While playing the crystal bowls, Valeria was able to hold my thoughts for 45 minutes, and when she finished there was a feeling that I had been in meditation all the time. At that moment I was only there, I was totally focused on the bowls and nothing else.
Anna Grigori
Доброе утро Валерия, хочу поделиться эмоциями, я до сих пор пархаю как бабочка со вчерашнего дня, такая лёгкость, будто я вешу 10 кг, насыщенная энергией, вчера когда вы делали мне массаж было очень глубоко и эмоционально, где-то пол года назад у меня было внематочная беременность, приступ боли,срочная операция, и удалили мне правую трубу, так вот вчера когда вы на мне делали масаж, я резко почувствовала ту же самую боль приступа справа как и тогда, всплыло всё, хотела вас остановить но вы сами остановились, спала я глубоко и спокойно, хотелось бы найти ответ на пару вопросов, пока их не получила, это нереально, это просто без слов, у меня такой поток в теле, энергии много, я ела вчера в 11 утра последний раз и у меня нет голода, настроение на Ура,💪😄 бесконечно благодарна вам, и очень хотелось бы снова к вам. 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤ Вы нереальная 💗💗💗💗💗☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Anna Grigori
Я почти не спала и всю ночь продолжала летать и слушать этот волшебный звук
Ты волшебная
Рада познакомиться и пообниматься
Благодарю тебя, это волшебно очень было🙌🏻
Julia Danileilo
Лера @valeriyavergunova, у меня вчера побаливала голова во время чаш и тело затекло лежать. А ментально я купалась в голубом бескрайнем океане и летала. Это было так круто!!!
Вебинар сегодня прошёл на ура! Мне все время было что сказать, не путалась. Пару раз запнулась, но уже потому что уставать начала.
Но это так круто! Несмотря на то, что дети на мне скачут с самого утра, я сосредоточилась и все сделала!!! От себя ощущение очень крутое 🥰🥰🥰


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